Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday to my favorite man, my husband Frank you have done many of great things in your life and the blessings still overflows for you. Thank you for being my friend and my husband there is no better person for me. God has created and gave me the best part of Him!

I love you more each and everyday when I look at you I just smile now you know that's love! We have had our good days as well as our bad but the good has always out shined the bad (THANK YOU JESUS). I wish you many many more birthdays, congrats to you my love just keep on going because God has more and better things in store for you!

Love your wife,

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Me and My Husband Frank

Frank and Our Girls (l-r)
Veronica ,Victoria, & Teeara

My Family

Frank, Mother, & Brother

Frank and his Father

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Much love all,

Happy Bithday Baby!

It reads:
For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with salvation.



  1. Happy Birthday to your husband Frank. Thank you for sharing as well. It always nice to read about great couples who thank their spouses for who they are and what they do to provide for their families.

    1. Thank you do very much for the sweet sweet comment and yes he does provide and take very good care of us. Thanks again,

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