Saturday, January 28, 2012

Girl Talk

Some of us got together for some girl time, as we were talking this topic came up: Why do some of us just give in the holiday season? We had plenty to say; 
Sometimes some of us only give because to some it is a duty to give for that season only, but if we as a people believe that God is the reason for the season why not give throughout the year. You may not be able to give money all the time but you can volunteer, donate a book bag full of school supplies to someone you know that may have fallen on hard times, give food to your local shelter, &/or food bank. If you have more than three coats give it to someone that needs it. We give so much to ourselves, thrift stores, &/or try to sell the items we don't want when we can give it to a person or family that needs it more. 
You do not have to tell them whom the gift or package is from just mail it to them or place the package on their door step when you know they are home, if we want the world to get better then WE as a PEOPLE must change it and we can change it by giving! I hope that whomever reads this, it has touched their heart and make a difference in someones life. If you are the one who needs help, please ask! Do not let pride or embarrassment stop you from getting the help you need, my love and prayers go out to all of you!

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