Monday, January 21, 2013

Dressing Up Your Birthday Card Tutorial

Glue gue and glue stick
A dress template
Fringe Trim
Stickles, Glitter, or glitter glue
Embellishments that would compliment your dress
White & color cardstock 

1. Cut out your dress using any die cut machine or printing out a template online. You will need two one in white and the other in the same color of the fringe you are using.
2. Glitter the top part of your dress (see picture above) using stickles, glitter, or glitter glue now let it dry or you can speed up the process by using a heat gun.

3. For the color dress you have cut out, cut off the top making a half circle or a U shape and throw away the  top piece.
4. Have your glue gun ready. Now start gluing your fringe making sure it (the fringe) stay on the roll. When you get to the other side of the dress cut off the excess. Keep doing this until you reach the edge of the half circle or U shape.

5. Glue the two pieces together using sticky tape or your AtG depending on how heavy your fringe is.
6. Now add your embellishments and set dress aside.
7. Taking a 8 1/2x11 inch cut it in half (long side not the short). Now folder the cardstock in half using your bone folder.

8. Place your dress on top of the card (DO NOT adhere the dress to the card)  this is to arrange whrere you want your greeting to go. Stamp your greeting onto the card and then adhere the dress to card using sticky tape .
That's it you are done!

Happy crafting,

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